Who you gonna call?

When the phones rang, they snapped up the old fashioned receivers. With gentle soothing tones they expertly dispatched lost and lonely alcoholics to meetings around New York City’s five boroughs and parts of Connecticut, New Jersey and Long Island before slipping back into their whiplash, vocal-fried conversation.

The Day I Found God and Quit AA

Plenty of alcoholics will tell you what it’s like to drink again. The ones that make it back, never bring good news.

A Sort of Homecoming

A news photographer returns home on assignment to confront a community that hasn’t forgiven him for a photo that shamed them, many years ago.

Christine (Part 3)

“I was ashamed that I’d been afraid but in the immediate aftermath of my attack, at my most paranoid and frightened, I believed she’d betrayed me and joined my attackers to torment me.”

Christine (Part 2)

“Stupidly, I moved out of the road up onto the narrow curb like a surfer trying to paddle around a shark—but it was too late. The wave crashed over me.”

Christine (Part 1)

“We traveled together on the ‘R’ train and said our good-byes with a mingling of tongues that made my tummy flip.”