A Sort of Homecoming

A news photographer returns home on assignment to confront a community that hasn’t forgiven him for a photo that shamed them, many years ago.

Christine (Part 3)

“I was ashamed that I’d been afraid but in the immediate aftermath of my attack, at my most paranoid and frightened, I believed she’d betrayed me and joined my attackers to torment me.”

Christine (Part 2)

“Stupidly, I moved out of the road up onto the narrow curb like a surfer trying to paddle around a shark—but it was too late. The wave crashed over me.”

Christine (Part 1)

“We traveled together on the ‘R’ train and said our good-byes with a mingling of tongues that made my tummy flip.”

Postmark Cafe

Last year Brooklyn’s Postmark Cafe raised $15k for charity and nobody noticed them doing it. Here’s my short film about the Park Slope coffee shop.    

Rock Yourself Sober

Road Recovery—the program by sober, working musicians for at-risk teens—has been rock-steady for 18 years. Now, with the help of some Rock ‘n Roll legends they’ve released an album.

Chino and I

I saw her snuggled between a sleek black Schwin and an angular, haughty red Raleigh, with a wicker basket—like models backstage at Fashion Week.

Being Near The End

There’s still an unconscious counter in my head that resets to 36 and counts down every time I shoot a new roll of film. When I have a camera up in front of my face, the world is contained in a tiny rectangle; my perception of depth is altered—one eye is closed—and my concerns are on focus, exposure and composition.

Palliative Care Training Empowers ICU Nurses to Meet Families’ Needs, Study Finds

In the highly charged ICU environment, the bedside nurse is on the front line for communicating information about patients’ conditions. Yet many nurses are unclear about their role in fostering that communication and lack confidence to address families’ questions. That has significant implications, particularly in light of a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation study indicating that…