The End in Sight

As I enter into my final semester at Hunter College’s Integrated Media Arts program, I’m doing a little house cleaning. Perhaps avoiding finishing my thesis! I started in my first film for my MFA in Fall 2018, and I finally finished post production yesterday! Anyone who has worked with me will know I work fast in pre-pro and shooting and then pontificate until my toes turn blue. It’s hard to finish this little film, I see so many flaws, BUT… oof don’t get me started.. here it is below: “Thanksgiving.”

‘Anamnesis’: An Hybrid Documentary

Remembering the trauma of my best friends death does not come easily, and sometimes not at all.

Memory is fickle at the best of times. In my film using found footage I retell the past trauma of a childhood tragedy, but find myself ambushed by my own heart, spinning a yarn of white lies and omission.

Mise En Place

I volunteer at a non-profit café—Postmark Café on 6th street— in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The cafe is normally subdued, most people sitting and chat or work in silence or with headphones, music plays on the shops’ sound system.

At 11:40am every school day students from the local middle school in Park Slope, Brooklyn flood into the cafe. The café prepares for the children, by cooking a pot of Mac and Cheese and preparing sandwiches in a simplified version of the café’s everyday menu. The line often stretches out the door for about 20 minutes before the children return to school and peace is restored. Regulars are used to the sudden explosion of activity, but to a visitor the scene must feel quite intense. I wanted to record this event in a way that recorded the traffic of the lunch rush without recording the participants. I decided to shoot a static, locked off shot aim at the counter space where sandwiches are prepared, and set up microphones to record the sound of the event.