Hurricane Dorian

Last week I visited The Abaco islands in the Bahamas for the Daily Telegraph . You can see my pictures here

Mise En Place

I volunteer at a non-profit café—Postmark Café on 6th street— in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The cafe is normally subdued, most people sitting and chat or work in silence or with headphones, music plays on the shops’ sound system. At 11:40am every school day students from the local middle school in Park Slope, Brooklyn flood into…

The Miracle

It’s easy to become confessional in a hotel bar…

Real. Live. Music.

Introducing the sweet, soul music of Empire Beats. I produced, shot and edited this short film, hope you like it 🙂

Outdoor Photography and Your Children

A quick glance through our photo album reveals the majority of pictures of our kids are from their birthday celebrations and family gatherings. But the best time to capture memories of our children can simply be when they’re playing among themselves in day-to-day life. Outside, children run free and the opportunities for great photography are…

The Art of Letting Go

“We don’t need any more clowns in our life telling us it’s going to be OK.”

There’s a Tear in My Beer: Alcoholism in Country Music

In two simple verses and a repeated chorus, Haggard describes the tragedy of alcoholism. In his unmistakable Okie drawl—oft imitated yet never bested—Haggard laments the failure of his nightly drinking session to kill the pain of a lost love.

A Picture of Sobriety

I got sober before Facebook arrived and started making our mistakes permanent. Of course I’ve seen other photos from my drinking days, but they don’t seem to have the power of that photo.

Who you gonna call?

When the phones rang, they snapped up the old fashioned receivers. With gentle soothing tones they expertly dispatched lost and lonely alcoholics to meetings around New York City’s five boroughs and parts of Connecticut, New Jersey and Long Island before slipping back into their whiplash, vocal-fried conversation.